First of May outfit of the day


So glad to be able to share this spring-y look. Hope you guys are enjoying warm weather. It literally snowed yesterday in NY so I really hope the sunny days are here to stay.

(the black is sold out rn but here’s a link to this type of top, honestly I’ve seen these in black at a ton of stores.

Mock neck crop top

I’m wearing an XL in this adorable grid print skirt


The green faux leather moto jacket is from Forever 21 as well. I bought it last summer and have hardly worn it. Unfortunately, I don’t see it on the site anymore.

Here’s a similar yellow one which I think is equally cute (if I had spare money I’d be all over it).

Also, I had the hardest time trying to do green eyeshadow and once I’d finished I had no idea what lip color would work and I tried a bunch of colors. A light peachy color worked out best after a bunch of trial and error. Now you know.

p.s. – don’t mind my tan lines on my feet. I worked at an outdoor ropes course all of last summer and they just don’t want to budge. I’ll work on it now that the sun is here.


college art exhibits and a poem about feeling out of place


This week I’m visiting friends in Oneonta. I love and miss them but I feel a little out of place. I got to see an art exhibit (see above, it was amazing) and go to trivia but not having classes makes me feel out of touch and directionless. I learned about rape culture and consent and other issues at some events on campus. The atmosphere here is warm to me when I don’t think too hard. It feels like the right crowd of people for the most part. But I feel as if I’m looking at everyone though a window, there’s a barrier. I wrote a little poem about how I’m feeling; it might be a touch sad because everything isn’t all daisies at the moment. I really miss feeling like this is where I should be. I’ll just cut this off before I get too sappy. Let’s just get straight to the poem —

hell bent on feeling,

i came to a place

that had always felt like home.

with people who felt like home.


but i don’t belong here anymore.


crouching in cold water,

the shower hits me.

blow after blow

droplets beating against my face.

i’m losing the fight.


I don’t belong here.


i want to wake up now.

i want to step

in the right direction.

but i don’t know which way to go.

i don’t know where i am at all.


i shouldn’t be here.


i don’t want to be a voyeur,

watching people follow their paths,

as if through a window.


i’m just falling down this endless set of stairs.

i’m just tumbling and numb.

and i want to get up now;

but i’m quickly cascading

further from everything i hoped i’d be.


i want to have time

to count the bruises,

regain my balance,

and breathe.


i want to feel:

as though i belong.

like i’m winning the fight.

feel like i have my own plan,

my own goals,

my own future.


feel like i’m not failing

even at the things

i’m supposed to be good at.


nothing i do

is enough.

i need to feel

like i am enough.


i don’t want to experience life

from the other side of the glass.

i can’t find my way in.

i need to find my way in.

i don’t belong here.




Hey guys! Just as an introduction to my style I thought I’d show you my outfit today. I’m wearing a bunch of brands. I’m obsessed with my black high waisted pants from american eagle. I really feel like their high waisted jeans can flatter just about any figure. I’m 5’10” and a size 14 and they are definitely my favorite brand for pants. Especially as a taller girl, they offer long and extra long pants and it’s really easy to shop them online.

I got this jean jacket from Forever21 and my t-shirt is from Old Navy. I got it in the men’s department so it’s a little long. A good trick with men’s tees is to just tie them off and it accentuates my waist as well.

And lastly, the item I’m most excited about is my new hat. I just got this at Rue 21 (for just $16.99 which is about the lowest price you’ll find for hats like this. I’d been looking at them on depop and with shipping used ones I saw were $15-20). It has a buckle detail I’ll show off sometime soon too.

Also I’m wearing Ardell faux mink lashes lately and they feel really good and look really cute.

Hope you liked my look!


-t.f. price

Poem: the goddess of bittersweet suffering

She awoke in a sweat.
She could feel it,
Her whole body was ablaze.
She knew where Her answer lay.
the far corner of the forest
held Her future.

frantically She fled
in the dim darkness.
slim slivers of moonlight
seeped into Her sight
and She found Her path.

The Water ran silver
and silent,
shining and swift,
almost sensually it tickled Her toes.
the slippery, soiled stones sparkled.

and the faeries sang
“silly Sappho shouldn’t skip ‘cross
those slick stone steps.”
She sipped swiftly and soaked her hands
amidst the silver stream.
suddenly, She smirked.

She sang and the water danced
smoothly and slowly
slithering, scrupulously steering
around the smooth stones.
singing with The Forest,
She stepped suavely.

She did not fight with Nature.
She simply soothed Her,
calmed Her,
caressed Her,
and Nature succumbed to sultry Sappho.

The Forest savored her sweet sounds.
The Wind sighed a small, satisfied sigh.
The Water submitted solicitously.

Sappho saw
Her bright and shining future
when The Wind whistled
the most beautiful symphony.

the music held Her future.
short, scattered fragments, torn to the wind.
studied, saved, sifted though,
spoken of always.

stunning Sappho
astonishing, astounding,
startlingly impressive Sappho

Her songs always
shattered –
segmented –
stunning –

Her words would ring
through centuries.
She would be seen
as The Goddess of Bittersweet Suffering.
that was Her future.
that was Her story.


-t.f. price




You found my blog! Cool cool cool, I’m Taylor.

I’m a 21 year old living in rural upstate New York with my parents (not ideal, but I’m hanging in there). I graduated college in December. I have a bachelor’s degree, major in English and minor in Professional Writing. Lady Proofrock is because I’m a T.S. Eliot fangirl who wants to become an editor.

I have been on the hunt for a job for quite some time. Hopefully someday I will blog about advice on job searching AND landing a job, but for now I’m just trying to keep my head up and apply apply apply.

Most of my friends are still at good ol’ SUNY Oneonta. One of my forever favorite places. I have kissed boys underneath the stars in the middle of snowstorms on that campus. I have watched musicals, read books, made friends, drifted away from friends, etc. I have a million memories in that place. The student debt is almost worth the times I had there. Almost.

I suppose I should get on to the important facts, this blog will be about my life. And I’m sure there will be plenty of fashion and beauty, as well as books, poetry, and music recommendations galore. I will write about my life, my experiences, my regrets, and I’ll give advice, if I have any to offer.

I’m a girl who loves to shop. However, I particularly love to shop a sale. I’ll have more on that later (but if you don’t try every possible promo code before you buy something online, you’re doing it wrong in my book). I love makeup and clothes and I’m basically just your run of the mill femme bi girl. I’m body positive, sex positive, and a feminist. Hm, what else? I can offer to a few solid stories in the love department. I’m pretty much an open book on anything. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

(and by that I mean get ready for a post tomorrow because it’s suddenly 1:30am. Did I mention I’m a night owl? Sweet dreams, pals)